Our Vision


We are a Berlin-based production company with a focus on making high-quality video content accessible to independent musicians.

The idea for Twisted Reel was born late one Berlin evening, but unlike most of our late-night good ideas, this one remained good the next day. This was partly because we hit on a real need facing today’s musicians.

We’ve spent considerable time promoting and participating in the underground music scene, and have seen first hand the insane amount of talent ready to extend their audience way beyond Berlin. As filmmakers, we’ve also seen time and time again just how much traction a great video can give to an artist's career.

We are uniquely positioned to make the production process simple, creative and affordable. With a combined 30+ years of experience, we’ve become finely tuned movie making machines: combining expertise and efficiency with guerrilla filmmaking techniques that get stuff done and get it done well.

Crucially, we’ve also amassed a huge network of production talent in Berlin and beyond: ranging from independent filmmakers at the early stages of their careers, to Palme d'Or winners. Down the line we hope to create a platform that connects artists and filmmakers, ushering in a golden age of mutually satisfying creative collaboration.

Right now it means we can customize the exact crew that fits your needs and your budget. We've created three separate packages to simplify the entire process along with an extras menu to give you complete control. Check them out here.

So why Twisted Reel? Because we love making extraordinary films that make you look twice. We love working closely with artists so our films really capture their vision. We understand the ever changing landscape of music marketing and we know how to get your videos seen.

We want to help musicians we love find their audience. So whether you’ve got an insane idea you want to bring to life, or just need some top-notch live footage to help promote your act, get in touch.